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Disinfection Treatments.

Keep your surrounding clean and safe by getting rid of harmful microorganisms.


Drive Higher Foot
Traffic To Your Business.

Professional decontamination solution for daycares, stores, restaurants, bars, Schools, Doctors Offices and homes.
We provide a Certificate of Sanitization to place in your window to inform your customers and employees you are doing all you can to provide a safe environment.


Say Goodbye To
Bacteria And Viruses.

Sanitize spaces through an FDA and EPA approved carbon
based solution and receive a corresponding certificate.
Our Antimicrobial Application Works up to 30 days for
High Touch Points and up to 90 days for all Other Surfaces.


Cars,Trucks, SUV's and Commercial Vehicles.

For commercial vehicles, please call for pricing. This would include the 2-step process of sanitization then applying the 30-90 day antimicrobial.

Leading Sanitization Standards.

At The Sterilize Guys, we work with clients in Houston, Dallas, Santonio, and Austin to promote and provide a healthier indoor environment. We help businesses, and individuals get rid viruses (including the Coronavirus), odors, germs, and bacteria in their businesses and homes.

Our professionals provide a fog/mist application to surfaces, which provide continuous protection up to 90 days. We can also provide air purifiers for continuous filtration of germs, odors and pollutants to eliminate contamination from viruses and other harmful pathogens.

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The killing spikes are 30 times smaller than the coronavirus and bursts them upon contact.

We Offer

Give your employees and customers,

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Efficient Disinfection.

Eliminate virtually all dangerous pathogens and germs present in your indoor air and on surfaces. Our solution neutralizes 99.9% of germs present in your surroundings.
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Industry-Leading Standards in Cleaning & Sterilization.

The technology and tools we employ to sanitize your spaces are regularly tested to meet the highest standards.

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Expert Support.

Our consultants are well-versed in providing exceptional consultancy to clients and planning for them a way to get facility decontaminated.

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The Sterilize Guys eliminate 99.9999% of germs and viruses on contact bacteria and Surface Mold on contact and provides residual surface anti-microbial protection that lasts for months. Use in air circulation, lavatories, seatback entertainment, luggage and storage.

Cruise Ships

You’ve seen in the news the trouble with the spread of virus should be changed to Coronavirus on cruise ships. Covid 19 has brought attention to something we have been well aware of protection service should be used on outdoor recreation equipment fitness areas, dining & entertainment, living quarters and more.


The need to protect in hospitals can almost go unsaid/ A regular rhythm of applying protection to all surfaces in a hospital should always be in place. For instance, medical equipment, restrooms, beds, meal trays, etc.

Gyms / Sports / Fitness

Gyms and fitness areas and recreational sports facilities are another common area for bacteria and viruses to thrive. The Sterilize Guys should be used on equipment surfaces, weights and accessories, towels, locker rooms, mats, HVAC and more.

Schools and Public Facilities

Germs are everywhere and The Sterilize Guys will eliminate up to 99.999% of bacteria and viruses on contact bacteria on contact and provides a residual protectant that lasts for months.

Residential Home Use

The Sterilize Guys provide ongoing anti-microbial protection for most areas in your home. If you have anyone in your home that is getting ill more often than others, The Sterilize Guys can be the answer to protecting your home from germs, viruses while eliminating the odors they cause.

Sanitization is no longer an option,
it is a necessity.

A healthy, safe, and pollution-free environment not only brings more customers but also reduces employee turnover and increases their loyalty.

$ 2,278,532

Statewide School Absenteeism Cost Due to Illness


Reduction in Microbe


Unique Sanitation & Purification Options Offered By Sterlize Guys


Minutes Most Chemical Cleaners Protect Against Germs


We make sure that you receive a high level of sanitation needed to keep healthcare staff safe, hospitals clean, and patients healthy. We provide exceptional quality services and can kill viruses in the air.

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From daycares to universities or any other educational facility, the spread of illness among students and staff is a big concern, and we are here to help.

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From diners to five-star restaurants, everyone needs routine disinfection to clean their spaces from pathogens, allergic and Surface Mold, and free from odors.

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Public places are increasingly becoming a hotspot for various diseases. Every human carries bacteria and viruses, and not getting these facilities sanitized can be disastrous.

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The Sterilize Guys?

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Who We Help

Advanced Carbon Technology.

Our advanced sanitizing system features a high performance carbon-based antimicrobial that bursts germs and viruses on contact.

Fast and Prompt.

We decontaminate the air & surfaces quickly. Our professional can disinfect a 400 square foot room within ten minutes.

Limited Disruption.

Our quick decontamination process ensures little to no disturbance to your workspace, and your employees can reoccupy treated rooms immediately after application.

Experience a pathogen & virus-free atmosphere today.

We test for germs, bacteria and viruses before and after service

Upon special request and 12-month contracts only. One-time tests may incur an ATP service fee.

Biostatic Protection

Anti microbial coating (nanotechnology). Protects up to 30-90 days against bacteria, mold and algae.