About Us

The Sterilize Guys provide a comprehensive and advanced solution that helps businesses, and households destroy viruses (including the coronavirus), bacteria, and other pathogens that land on surfaces. Our antimicrobial fog provides continuous protection up to 90 days. This minimizes the multiple (daily) disinfecting chores required using traditional sanitizing meathods. We provide services in and around Houston, Dallas, Santonio, and Austin and ensure quick turnaround time with positive customer feedback.

At The Sterilize Guys, we know how difficult it is to run your business in an environment prone to harmful bacteria and microorganisms. With superbugs becoming prevalent and drug-resistant bacteria increasing in numbers, it becomes difficult for many businesses to remain operational at all times. Virus breakouts and infection rates at public places are also on the rise bringing more problems to the already struggling local and global economies.

As a solution, we provide continuous antimicrobial disinfecting and decontamination services to households and commercial spaces, including hospitals, retail spaces, restaurants, buses, public buildings, classrooms, and other facilities. Our process is quick and straightforward and takes less than 40 minutes per 2,500 sq. ft. of space. When we leave your office or home, surfaces will be 99.99% free from viruses, bacteria, and other nasty pathogens.

Our products are FDA and EPA registered nanotechnology coatings, which provide up to 90 days protection against germs, bacteria and viruses.

When surfaces are coated with our antimicrobial fog/mist, millions of “invisible,” crystalline structures begin bonding with the surfaces, forming a germicidal glove or barrier. The microscopic barrier contains barbs small enough to puncture viral envelopes and cell membranes, killing viruses and bacteria upon contact. During this process, we don’t use any chemical, and it is 100% non-toxic. We also provide certification to the owner after sanitizing their spaces.

We also carry our antimicrobial protection solution in 32oz spray bottles, so you can treat high traffic touch points yourself. Please see our “Shopping” page or contact us directly for information and pricing.

We also distribute a 24-hour hand sanitizer, which is alcohol free, non-abrasive and yes, works up to 24 hours even after washing your hands several times per day. It actually makes your hands soft, and not dried out like alcohol based hand sanitizers.

Contact us today and experience an environment free from pathogens.