Antimicrobial Facility Treatment

Microbes like fungi, bacteria, and algae can grow in environments and on surfaces of all types. Some of these microbes contribute to discoloration, odors, and mildew, and some are pathogenic that can cause illness. For hospitals and other medical facilities, Health Care-Associated Infections (HAI) has become an expensive and dangerous problem. Infections caused by superbugs and drug resistance bacteria, like MRSA, have contributed to global concerns.

The Sterilize Guy offers antimicrobial and disinfection facility treatments that destroy 99.99% of microbes and prevent them from being a breeding ground of superbugs. Our in-depth sanitization process assists facilities in redefining a clean environment for their staff, customers, and guests. Maintaining a healthy surrounding also keep bad odors away and create a positive customer experience while ensuring public health and safety.

These infections are easily picked up in several public spaces and passed between individuals. Other forms of infections have plagued gyms community centers and schools like influenza and measles. The list of microbes and health issues afflicting business providers goes on and on. In such circumstances, it has become necessary to redefine our cleaning and disinfection process to ensure a safe and healthy environment.