Large scale environmental clean-up and disinfection in areas of disease concern, foodborne and other outbreaks, animal waste, and other public health hazards is in high demand across the country. Foodborne outbreaks are especially common and resulted in 16 deaths in 2013. Food, water, sanitation facilities, and climate are all environmental factors that can contribute to the spread of a communicable disease. It takes a trained specialist who understands the proper use of disinfectants and devices to rid and decontaminate environmental hazards and only a select few nationwide are certified to manage large scale environmental disinfection.

NIDS Environmental Disinfection Certification

Sterlize Guy director of business development, Sarah McElwee, is the first in Texas to join an elite class of technicians who hold the National Institute of Decontamination Specialists (NIDS) environmental disinfection certification. NIDS is the leading institute offering this certification. Sterlize Guy is the exclusive holder of the NIDS environmental disinfection certification in Texas and is currently the only company to hold this certification in Louisiana and Mississippi. In the event of an environmental hazard, the team of experts at Sterlize Guy can manage the complete decontamination and clean-up process.

Methods of Environmental Sanitation

The three-day, hands-on training for the certification teaches the latest methods of sanitizing bacteria and viruses, which disinfectants are registered for use by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and which ones are ineffective, and how to sanitize after an airborne contamination. The in-depth course also teaches detailed information such as how hard water affects cleaning chemicals and why some bacteria are harder to kill. The treatment methods are also taught for a variety of venues. For example, disinfecting a hospital is different from disinfecting a daycare. Specifically, in hospitals Sterlize Guy uses the world’s only Full Spectrum™ UV Germ-Zapping Robot™ to rid hospital acquired infections (HAI). This process can be used in conjunction with other treatments offered by Sterlize Guy, such as our antimicrobial facility treatment.

Maintaining a sanitary environment does more than keep things smelling and looking nice. It can be crucial to public health and safety. Contact our expert team today to learn more about environmental disinfection and our other specialized services for your facility.

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