Facility Treatment – Heat and UVC

Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAIS)

With the diversity of diseases being treated in hospitals, pathogens, and bacteria in the facility are left unchecked and can quickly spread. Similarly, fitness centers, restaurants, assisted living facilities, and hotels need to sanitize their environment for the health of their customers and staff.

At The Sterilize Guy, we use sanitizing solution with high output ultraviolet (UV) light to neutralize a wide range of microbes, including salmonella, SSIs, VRE, and STAPH, on surfaces and in the air. Using this technology allows you to be proactive in preventing health issues caused by HAIs and provides an overall safer experience.

Thermal Sanitation

Thermal heat sanitation allows effective and environmentally-friendly cleaning to get rid of germs and bacteria. The treatment involves exposing an area to high temperatures, enough to kill germs for some time. Thermal heat treatment destroys dangerous pathogens like MRSA and E.Coli, as well as viruses and other bacteria.

Heat treatment is usually used to sanitize individual rooms or a structure as a whole. Our sanitization has professionals who are experts in providing thermal cleaning solution, and we will bring in heaters and necessary tools to conveniently treat your premises without the use of harsh chemicals.

Efficient Air & Surfaces Decontamination

The Sterilize Guy provides an advanced and complete solution for businesses and homeowners to combat viruses, mold, bacteria, and fungus that develop in the air, surfaces, and on hands. Our germ reducing technology works as a barrier between you and pathogens in every in hospitals, nursing homes, offices, and other facilities.