Microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses can cause issues in different places. From some prospects, these pathogens can also lead to dangerous outbreaks. The air you inhale can be contaminated and pose a risk to your health, the comfort of your staff, and customers. Public spaces are breeding grounds for a lot of microorganism’s life, and toxic chemicals and odors can also become a part of the air around you.

We humans, spend over 90% of our time indoors or inside a working facility where the air can be five times more polluted than outdoor. While it’s usually straightforward to clean surfaces, purifying air might need extra work.

At The Sterilize Guy, we provide air purification systems containing the latest technology and can remove 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, allergens, chemicals, and odors. We help you go beyond the surface cleaning and disinfection by allowing you to breathe clean air in your facility. Having microorganisms free air assists in several ways, including increased productivity levels and reduced absenteeism. It also shows your care for your employees, motivating them, and increasing their loyalty.




colds & 60 million flus afflict us every year. Airborne viruses can travel up to 160 feet.



evaporates from the economy every year because of sick days and lost productivity.



in lost revenue occurs each year due to Sick Building Syndrome. (EPA estimate)

Reduce the threat of infection to your patients and staff by removing germs, including the airborne influenza virus, as well as allergens without chemicals.

Decrease the number of missed school days and help improve your students’ focus in class by capturing germs and asthma-related irritants.

Demonstrate strong value and care for your current and prospective residents by providing an environment with clean, odor-free indoor air.

Save upwards of $2,650 per employee, per year in decreased absenteeism. Eliminate the harmful compounds found in carpeting and cleaning products.

Provide an outstanding guest experience by eliminating airborne odors, germs, viruses and more that are brought in by the flow of people.

Remove odor through a carbon filter that does not introduce chemicals into the air to create a pleasant restroom experience for your patrons and staff.