The ultraviolet decontamination units that Sterlize Guy utilizes to provide UVC sanitation services were recently featured by Fox News, thanks to these units’ role in the fight against Ebola.

How Does UVC Sanitation Combat Ebola?

The Spectra254 systems, featured in this news article, were found to be highly effective at fighting Ebola and similar viruses. In fact, an independent lab found that the equipment killed 99.9 percent of the virus within ten feet of the machine.

Due to this effectiveness at destroying Ebola, the World Health Organization purchased Spectra254 units and deployed them to Sierra Leone. There, the UVC systems were used to disinfect hospitals and clinics as West Africa combated the Ebola outbreak.

The units were also loaned to certain American hospitals who were faced with Ebola patients.

UVC Sanitation Can Keep Your Environment Clean Too

These same, highly effective, state-of-the-art machines are used daily by the Sterlize Guy team to provide excellent UVC sanitation services to organizations of all types. Our customers are always prepared for the latest outbreak, threat or scare, because they already have these cutting-edge units on their side.

The Spectra254 units use high-efficiency, high-output UVC light to destroy a wide range of germs. Within just five minutes, pathogenic bacteria and viruses like MRSA, C. diff, Salmonella and HIV within five feet of the unit are eradicated.

Sterlize Guy uses the Spectra254 systems to treat properties of all type, including hospitals, athletic facilities, schools and assisted living centers.

Read more about how the Spectra254 decontamination systems were used to combat Ebola and contact Sterlize Guy to learn more about how our expert team operates these units day in, day out.

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