Where Are Germs and “Superbugs” Found?

Microbes like bacteria, fungi, viruses, and algae grow in all types of environments. They infest our world every day and form in the air, on surfaces, and on hands. Proper cleaning and sanitizing is essential to rid public facilities and your home of these contagious germs. It’s challenging enough fighting these germs, but the “superbug,” or antibiotic-resistant bacteria, poses a potentially life-threatening issue. It’s estimated that superbugs cause approximately 700,000 deaths worldwide every year.

Even in the cleanest environments, microbes can multiply and reach harmful levels. Pathogenic bacteria, such as STAPH and E. Coli, can spread through cross-contamination and lead to illness. STAPH infections are particularly common in athletic facilities where bodily fluids are easily transferred to exercise equipment.

HAI and Long-Term Care Facilities

Contamination of harmful bacteria can be particularly dangerous in places like long-term care facilities where some may have compromised immune systems. In fact, 1.7 million Americans develop Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAI) each year and of those, nearly 100,000 die as a result. Yet, many facilities continue to use traditional treatments, including chemical disinfectants, to fight dangerous bacteria. With the diversity of diseases occurring in healthcare facilities, pathogens that are left unchecked can easily spread. Similarly, fitness centers, hotels, and other public facilities need to sanitize their environment for the health of their residents, patrons, and staff.

How Does UVC Technology Work for Germ Control?

Sterlize Guy team of experts use UVC technology which utilizes advancements in high-output, C-band, ultraviolet (UV) light to eliminate a wide range of microbes. Our UVC Mobile Room Sanitizing System zaps out pathogens and decontaminates the air from virtually every surface in a 400 square foot room in just five minutes. The germ-zapping robots can kill C. diff spores and MRSA to a level of efficacy greater than 99.9 percent. The treatment is quick and people can enter a room immediately after application, so there is limited downtime.

Read more how germ-zapping robots are helping facilities destroy harmful bacteria and contact the experts at Sterlize Guy to be the first defense in sanitizing your facility.

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